Modding my Monotron Delay

I made a first attempt at adding CV in and an external power supply to a Korg Monotron Delay:

For the power I simply used an external power bank and connected 5V and GND to the respective pins on the Monotron.

5v and GND on the Monotron Delay

The 5V CV signal from the Korg SQ-1 goes into the gate pad on the Monotron. It kind of works, but tuning is quite tempera(ture)mental.

GND and gate pads on the Monotron Delay

Apart from temperature the pitch is directly dependent on the Monotron’s supply voltage, so I would either need to step down the USB voltage to ~3V and make use of the boost converter that is built into the Monotron to get 5V, or use a higher voltage power supply and regulate it down. Any idea what’s better?🤔

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